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Here you can buy different Atlantic algae and seaweeds products.



We offer a vast assortment of sea vegetables products in dried form, milled, as flakes, seaweed vegi capsules, wraps. Pet food supplements, herbals set, ocean mixture made up of different seaweeds, seaweed bath. Bulk products are offered at discount rates.

We sell and ship worldwide, which can be worth it if you’re looking for something locally not easily found.

Kept in a cool dark place, such as a kitchen cupboard, well dried seaweed will keep nearly indefinitely.



                   Irish Moss                          


                                               Sea lettuce



                                               Sea spaghetti


                                              Sea grass/green rockweed

                                              Pet food supplements

                                              Kelp/kombu wraps

                                              Seaweed Bath

  Nori       Kelp/Kombu  Dulse/Dillisk + Nori       Sea Lettuce/Ulva

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