Phycocolloids, (polysaccharides),



The phycoclloids or phyto-nutrients are extracted from different seaweeds for use in  ice cream, chocolate milk, milk dessert gels, milk-based

foods, protein-based foods, water-based desserts, and water-based liquids (fruit

juices)s, shakes etc.


These phycocolloids


extracted from seaweeds are far more common in modern food than are seaweeds in their entire form, but this is not because of their nutritional value but there ability to give viscosity, gel strength and stability to aqueous mixtures, solutions and emulsions.


       Dried/milled               Dried seaweed.


However instead of using the extracts you can use seaweed as a whole or milled.( powder). Whole seaweed is a unique mixture of vitamins, minerals/trace elements, protein, fiber, anti-oxidants and Phyto-nutrients, unknown in any land plants. Has many health benefits and the combination with milk will add additional power to it.


World newest and healthiest drink.

Health + Power


The four most used seaweeds for extraction are and can be replaced:

Irish Moss carrageenan
Kelp,laminaria algin
Sugar Kelp algin
Rockweed, fucus algin
Nori,dulse, gracilaria agar



The mechanism of gel formation is different for each phycocolloid.

Consequently, each has found its application in different types of products


Agar : Agars have a relatively low sulphate content and are good gelling agents with water alone.

Most expensive of the three.


Algin : alginates will stabilise oil-and-water emulsions, such as mayonnaise, and suspensions of

finely distributed solid material in water, such as some salad dressings. By choosing the right type

of alginate one can determine the properties of the gel, i.e. brittle, elastic or soft.

The gel stability is not temperature dependent. Algin is non-toxic and is not reabsorbed into the

rest of the body from the gastrointestinal tract. Alginate is specific and consistent in its reaction,

is resistant to stomach acidity and the enzymes present in the intestinal tract ... it has also been

shown to have no adverse effect on the ability of humans to assimilate calcium and other natural

minerals. Natural detoxification.



Carrageen: do not form gels with water but need the addition of salts to do so. That is one of

the reasons why ice cream can make thirsty.

Has a range of properties that fulfil the requirements of the food industry.

They are non-toxic to humans, have unique rheological properties and cost less than other

industrial gums, such as xanthins gum .