Wraps & Cosmetics

The               Atlantic seaweeds have different usages:


Hot or Cold Wraps, Masks, Peels, and Scrubs.

Massages & Baths.

Full body, face, shoulders, hand, legs, scalp & hair treatments.



As providers of nutrients and protecting agents. 
For their texturing properties e.g. Gelling, viscosifying, suspending and hydrating action.
As ingredients in Gels, Creams, Milks, Lotions, Shampoos, Soaps, etc.

Seaweed, seaweed extracts, dead sea mud, and Marl, are believed to be vital elements

which act in harmony with the human body, helping to achieve health, beauty and relaxation .


 A Seaweed Wrap/Mask

 A seaweed wrap can release water retention and leave legs looking their sleekest, best. "Just soak legs in a bath of warm water and Epsom salts for 5 minutes, and then pat dry. Apply a seaweed mask and wrap legs with plastic wrap and a warm towel. Relax for 15 minutes. Remove towel and plastic wrap and rinse.

         Seaweed is most used to firm the skin and reducing cellulite!

Contains the minerals needed to regenerates body tissues, offering a new vitality and helping to maintain a youthful appearance. It also improves circulation, which has a positive effect on local fatty overloads and helps maintain the tone of the tissue. Increase micro circulation and the metabolism, resulting in toxification and enhances slimming and weight loss.


          Properties of most used types of seaweed.

Most sold/used are Green Rockweed, Fucus Serratus, Kelp and sometime a mixture of Kelp and Dulse.

                *Milled/Crushed algae is often used in seaweed masks.

                *Carrageenan, extracted from Irish sea moss, is commonly used as a cosmetic thickening agent. It's a great moisturiser that holds nutrients and water in.  

                *Kelp (laminaria), a large leafy brown algae, grows along cold climate coastlines and can bring a healthy glow to skin. "Kelp powder has exfoliating properties that make it a great addition to a facial mask." It increases blood circulation and stimulates lymph production to eliminate toxins.

    * Bladderwrack (fucus), a brown seaweed, is often used in cellulite-reducing creams

to eliminate excess fluid from the skin.

Usage: Crushed algae between 1% and 3%. Algae concentrates (extracts) when used between 0.5% and 1% in emulsions gels or lotions is ideal for treating the skin, regeneration, Anti-Aging skin, cell reorganization, foiling, peelings and micro-abrasion.


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