Pet food supplements

                              Seaweed & Algae, sea vegetables and Kelp



A pet food ingredient that may be new to some.

Seaweed, algae and kelp are good sources of minerals such as iron,

iodine, potassium, and trace minerals. Sea vegetables have a high

level of digestible protein. Most minerals are chelated because it

is usually bound to an amino acid or protein. The theory is that a

neutral chelated molecule will be more completely absorbed than

in a non-chelated form.


Most used types of seaweed are: 


        Brown algae (kelp and fucus) is the most nutritious of all sea

vegetables. It is an excellent source of potassium and is easily

ground into a powder which may be sprinkled over the food or

used as flakes for fish and horses..



  • Red algae (gigartina, nori, dulse, and Iris Moss) have high

concentration of carrageen an which results in the red algae having

a gelatinous consistency. These red algae maintains their form in

the intestines and this will helps to absorb poisons and toxins which

will then be carried out of the body.


  • Green algae (sea lettuce) have a much lower mineral content,

 but are an excellent source of iron. It also contains a compound

called caesium which binds with carcinogens and can remove them

from the digestive tract. Easy to digest has a fresh taste and tastes

like shell fish/oysters.


* Chlorophyll. It contains vitamins (especially B12), minerals, trace

minerals, and beta carotene. It also has significant amounts of

naturally occurring precursors of glycogen and other compounds

which nourish and enhance brain activity.


* Ocean mix. A blend made from brown, green and red seaweed/algae.

             Each type of seaweed has his own cocktail of chemical compounds.                       

Price; 1.85/Kg ( Agricultur use)


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