Drinks & liquids

          Super formulation

         Drink manufacturers, café, bars and restaurants Owners choose increasingly a supplement of one

or more seaweeds for their health benefits.


These sea formulations are in fact super nutrition



Seaweed and there extracts are used in human food

to optimise factors like body, texture, flavour

enhancement, mouth feel, chewy ness, smell and taste.

Their application is very broad.

These phycocolloids, which are polysaccharides,

have the ability to give viscosity, gel strength

and stability to aqueous mixtures, solutions and

emulsions. The water-soluble polysaccharides act

as stabilisers in complex systems, such as fruit

juices. Keep particles or small droplets evenly

distributed in the water phase, mainly by increasing

the viscosity of the water. This will prevent both

precipitation and separation.

More and more to manipulation of biological processes

to yield different, perhaps better quality compounds

with the potential for more advanced and new



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