Bath & Spa


 When we think water or of the sea, we think of health, invigoration,

the feeling of being alive and yet peacefully calm.” Traditional water

has always been at the heart of people.

The bird place of life in form we know it well. Rejuvenating, able to

cure and cleansing, part of many rituals and play a major role in religions.


Seaweed Bath & Spa


 In the ancient Greek symbolised by the image of Aphrodite rising out

of the sea, she was so beautiful because of the nutrients that the sea

plants had given her.


 Babylon -5000       Rome 0  New York 2006




To the ancient people water and the sea the birthplace of man.

That much attention should be given bathing and breathing.

Aging and environment connected.

Aging was a process that would start at the outside and would work itself

inwards through the skin and partly the longs.

For a long time the people in the West did believe that too. They agreed that

most treats to  health and wellbeing would come from outside, bacteria,

viruses, accidents, calamities, force of nature. That is a changing now,

people are sick (defects) or have to blame themselves (bad habits).



the seaweed bath was used to re-hydrate and moisture skin, relieve of conditions like psoriasis, acne, aid back and muscular pain; ease rheumatism and arthritis and assist circulation.


There is a shift now, the emphasis more on health, cleaning & detox; on nourishment of the skin, body’s cell regeneration, improve of micro circulation, elasticity, appearance and  tone. Protection of skin and hair, to assist in weight loss and wellness, de-stress, relax, re-vitalising and ageing. "Pollution, stress, fatigue and bad eating habits all affect the body". This leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and can result in broken capillaries, loss of firmness, skin lesions, dry scaliness and more.


Turning your bath into a mini Ocean is easy.

You  ”purchase dehydrated seaweed.”

Use the seaweed to ‘draw’ boils (Cooking) by simmering slowly, but avoid boiling.

Separate the water with nutrients from the seaweed and add to the bath.