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Only for seaweed communities and private (family) harvesters.




Environmental / sustainable type businesses are getting incredible exposure and taking off as governments and companies realize they need to start investing NOW. 

Involving low tech and high tech solutions for the important problems we face today and more important those of the future.



Seaweed Market

We solve concrete problems, such as a successful entry into the market, acquisition and sale, etc.

We cooperate with the most competent consultant experts and closely communicate with national and worldwide operators and strategic investors.

In order to enhance the efficiency of Your business, we offer service in the spheres of trading, optimisation of business-processes, national and international .

Build and maintain long-term business relations:

  • partnership - with clients and suppliers
  • social responsibility - with staff, governments and society





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Online meeting place for seaweed harvesters, traders and users.

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Seaweed market

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