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After drying, the resulting  seaweed product has a good nutritional profile.(average)


Why seaweed?

The marine environment and its products represents a relatively available source of functional ingredients that can be applied to various aspects of food processing, storage, and fortification. Moreover, numerous marine invertebrates based compounds have biological activities and also interfere with the pathogenesis of diseases. Isolated compounds from marine invertebrates have been shown to pharmacological activities and are helpful for the invention and discovery of bioactive compounds, primarily for deadly diseases like cancer, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), osteoporosis, and so forth. Extensive research within the last decade has revealed that most chronic illnesses such as cancer, neurological diseases, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases exhibit deregulation of multiple cell signalling pathways that have been linked to inflammation. On the basis of their bioactive properties, this review focuses on the potential use of marine invertebrate derived compounds on anti-inflammatory and some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, HIV, and cancer.

We are now faced with so many health challenges, physically, mentaly, emotionally and environmentally as well that we can use some help. Daily use of a small amount of seaweed can help.

Land based plant need a rigid structure to withstand gravity. Seaweed floats in the water and the pull of gravity about zero. They have to be flexible to withstand the movement and currents present in the watery environments. The waters of life; is more than a poetic phrase. Life actual arose in water, to start the long line of evolution that links plant, primitive animals, which are virtually nothing but water. Life’s watery beginning continues to be reflected in all living processes, plant and animal alike. Before birth, much of man’s life is spent in water, in the sheltering membranous sac of his mother womb. His body is made up by two thirds water.

Of all the substances that are necessary to life as we known it on earth is by far the most important water. The most common and familiar and the most remarkable one; yet most people are hardly aware of it.

Seaweeds itself constitute a source of dietary fiber that differ chemically and physio-chemically from those of land plants and thus may induce different physiological effects. Referenced data indicate that algal dietary fiber may show important functional activities, such as antioxidant, anti-mutagenic and anticoagulant effect, anti-tumor activity, and an important role in the modification of lipid metabolism in human body. In conclusion, seaweeds have a high nutritional value, therefore an increase in their consumption, would elevate the foods offer to population.



Seaweed including minerals, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids like RNA and DNA, phyto-chemicals as carotenoids(anti oxidants), protein and fiber.


10-30 % minerals, Ca, Cl, K, Na, P, Mg, Fe

Oligoelements Zn, Cu, Mn, I, Se, Mo, Cr

20-45% protein with a good amino acid profile

Vitamins beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), some vitamins of the B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, & Folic acid. E and K

Up to 40% Soluble fiber (agar, carrageenan, & alginate )

10-20% carbohydrate (sugars & sugar alcohol’s)

3-9 %Insoluble fiber: cellulose, xylans & others.

1-4% fat

less than 10% water

2 % in Lipids, (high in PUFA)











Health is a multi dimensional choice and important for the realisation of your full potential and slow down of the aging process.









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