Pieces of seaweed obtained by the grinding and crushing of dried seaweed are also incorporated in products such as soap bars and shampoos. Skin applications.




Cosmetics are preparations designed to beautify the body and to alleviate
aesthetic disorders in general: dry skin aggravated by dry atmosphere, a
sensitive and reactive epidermis, cellulite etc.

Cosmetics are also 'natural
products' and 'alternative medicines' that may be used to alleviate non aesthetic
disorders in some cases. The unifying factor, however, is that cosmetics cannot
be claimed to have medicinal value as they have not been approved by the Food
and Drug Administration Board in the USA nor carry the stamp of approval of the Medical Research Council






Cosmetic products, including those under the 'Beauty, Health and Lifestyle' umbrella, are bought by people who find the claims made by manufacturers as to the benefits of the products, appealing.




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