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Your lifestyle and dietary choices make an enormous difference to your lifespan and to your quality of life in later years.

A good diet will help to keep healthy. All it takes is a little work in the 'here and now' to keep you in a good shape for later.

People who are born healthy can grow very old and still remain in good health. Most of them will, however, die long before their potential Biological Old Age is reached.


Why should that be? Perhaps the past can help to explain, let's take a look into some aspects of our history and then you can make up your own mind!

One of the oldest books we can use is the Bible. If you look at the Old Testament you will find that:


Name       Age
Adam       900  +
Childeren       900 +
Methuselah       996
Lamech      777
His Son      178
Noah      900
Moses      120





Most scientists dispute these claims, although one of them, C. Edward Burtis, had to admit, after a life-long study, that the age mentioned for Moses was correct. These great ages were partly made possible because of their life style and a special diet which had to be enforced rigidly.




The Sumerians, living in the same area and same period are another society who left us with a lot of records, this time in the form of baked clay documents. They did recorded most of the reigns of the different Kings in the area and when we look at them we find:


Name/location periode Totale rule in years Average rule in years
Kisj      1    2324510       1065
Kisj      2        83195         399
Kisj      3          1100         100
Kisj      4              14
Uruk      1      122310        192
Uruk      2          3480        160
Ur      1          4171          42
Ur      2          4108          27
Adab      1            190          90
Mari      1            136          23



     Ancient people explained the decrease and increase of the life span in the following


Time and space are aspects of the material world.



This is one of the reasons why Buddha called the material world an illusion. Despite its powerful manifestation, its glamour and its glitter, it is all in vain. Another reason; the material world has no inside, it is empty and it cannot make one single soul really happy!





The spiritual and mental world is not ruled by Time, and can exist indefinitely - forever.


The more cynical ones of the ancients people associated Time with what they would call corruption and as the Destroyer!

Materialism as a destructive philosophy?

Expansion of consciousness and awareness could reduce the effects that time has in the material world and expand the maximum lifespan, a process we call now Transcendentalism.


In terms of science not one of these ages can be realized and claims made about enormous advantages made in respect to same.



Talking about Changes Physiological Systems, Cell population and cell metabolism.

All about what you eat, way in which you live, your environment and all changed to advance commercial interest and controls. Forgotten that the necessary, incredible complexity of the biochemistry of every cell, required for the continuation of health and life itself, reinforces that realization that we depend totally on our natural, genetically controlled chemistry to keep us operational on a day-to-day basis. Toxins and polluted food, other products used in cleaning, air, water all can interfere with this. That with few exceptions, we are totally at the mercy of our biological system to operating correctly, on its own.

Thousand of years ago the Chinese had written in stone that; our bodies and our selves reflect the natural world we live in. What you do to the environment and any changes you make to your lifestyle/food will affect you. Your body affect the way you think and influence you mentally and spiritually. Despite that we set out to change all that in the name of science, not really the scientist but the politicians and the establishment in to get us to agree and comply.

What is called in the religion a flesh body can grow old and healthy and average 160 years in the right environment.

When you poison the air, water and food that all changes.

Chronic stress and chronic diseases are related.

Overfed and undernourished.

I could go on for many more pages but will leave it here!


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